Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada admitted in work for Yanukovych


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Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and former head of the party “servant of the people” Dmitry Razumkov was previously a supporter of former President Viktor Yanukovych and worked in the “Party of regions”. He said this in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

According to the politician, since 2010, he has disappointed in Yanukovych and walked out of his party. Razumkov also noted that the “Party of regions” were “decent people who were experts, who for some reason at one point became unnecessary after the political force came to power”. He said that these people was needed only in the opposition but after coming to power the party of “throw them in the trash.”

Earlier it became known that the former head of the security Service of Ukraine and Deputy Prime Minister Yanukovych times Valery Khoroshkovsky has partnered with the office of the current head of state Vladimir Zelensky.

Razumkov was dismissed from the post of head of the party “servant of the people” on 10 November. The Congress party unanimously granted the application Razumkov resignation, however he will remain in the ranks of political power. In late August, the Razumkov was elected speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. His appointment was supported by 382 MP. The elections to the Parliament the MP was in the list of “public Servants” under the first number.

Viktor Yanukovych was President of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014. He left the country after the Euromaidan — mass protest actions in Kiev and other cities in the country has undergone a regime change. In Ukraine against the former President several criminal cases, his property on the territory of the country were arrested.

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