The Russians will offer a simple way to write off debts


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

The Ministry of economic development updated the law on the simplified procedure of bankruptcy of citizens. His training lasts for the fourth year, now there is inscribed the provisions on non-judicial procedure that the Department has taken alternative parliamentary draft, writes “Kommersant”.

This method will be accessible to the citizens whose debts do not exceed 700 thousand rubles. They are allowed to appeal to the self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers (AU) with a request for extrajudicial bankruptcy that will cost three thousand rubles.

After such request, AU must publish information on Theresource that leads to the introduction of the moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims. The procedure will last for a year. After the citizen is declared bankrupt and the debts are written off.

During this time the creditor or the Federal tax service (FNS) have the right to request to recognize the debtor bankrupt in the usual manner, and if the demand is deemed valid, it will execute it.

Earlier the draft was intended only to apply to the arbitration court, on what had the right lender with the requirements from 500 thousand rubles and the debtor with a debt of 50 thousand. Documents the debtor in this case it helps the arbitration managing Director, and for his services he is obliged to borrow funds in an amount not less than 10 percent of the national average subsistence minimum.

Experts believe that in its current form the law overly protects the interests of debtors for which the bankruptcy will make it almost free. Because of this, insolvency practitioners may begin to shy away from duty.

Earlier, the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH) announced that the Russians were less likely to repay debts ahead of schedule. The share of such repayment of the loans fell to the lowest in five years. For ten months of the current year, the figure was 22.7 per cent, 1.7 percentage points lower than a year ago.

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