Thousands of pornographic images flooded the popular social network


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Employees of the social network Facebook monthly identificeret about half a million of erotic images, published on the platform. According to NBC, all of these files posted on the web for pornobest.

The company Facebook receives more than 16 thousand reports to pornomaster daily: we are talking about naked photos that were uploaded without the consent of the depicted person. Despite increasing efforts from the side of the platform, aimed at quick identification and removal of images, their number is not reduced.

Among these images are not only photos aimed at insulting someone’s reputation, but the pictures by which criminals blackmail victims. To cope with the flow of such images, Facebook has assembled a team of 25 people, which modernizes the algorithm developed to identify naked pictures.

On testing this mechanism became known in may 2018. The tool was developed for those who fear the spread of intimate photos: the user is prompted to send their intimate photos through a one-time electronic form This allows you to create unique digital fingerprints, which later it is possible to track the uploading of photos of this man. The algorithm is trained to identify and delete inappropriate images.

The program was met negatively: some skeptics doubted that their photography will be closed from reviewers content running on Facebook. One of the victims to pornomaster said that many people are already damaged enough, so afraid that their pictures leaked to the network. “Who knows who looks at them?” she said. Representatives from Facebook say that convert photo to digital fingerprint, which is then used to identify images in different apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook uses the same system to weed out the photos and videos depicting sexual violence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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