Unknown in the US purchased Soviet submarine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: John Murphy / Wikimedia

In California sell Soviet submarine B-427, decommissioned and became a local landmark. About it writes Los Angeles Times.

The ship, named Scorpion, for the past 20 years, was on the pier California city of long beach near the ocean liner Queen Mary features a restaurant, a Museum and hotel on Board. The submarine has long held a paid tour, but in 2015 it was closed for tourists, as the hull was covered with a layer of rust and dirt, the paint was peeling and inside it was settled by the raccoons.

It is known that currently the company is the lessee the Urban Commons reached with an anonymous buyer a preliminary agreement on the sale. The transaction amount was not disclosed. It is assumed that the ship in mid-may 2020 will lead from the long beach and repaired.

B-427, which was part of the Pacific fleet, launched in 1972. 22 years later she was decommissioned and became a tourist attraction in Sydney, while in 1998 it, presumably, over 970 thousand dollars have not bought a California businessman.

On June 28 of last year, it was reported that the Russian sailors found in the Baltic sea Soviet submarine that sank during the great Patriotic war. It is noted that the coordinates of the place of the death of C-12 in the Gulf of Finland near the island of Great Tyuters was known, however, to find the submarine failed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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