Bitten by a dog the man walked for years with a live worm in the eye


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Doctors removed from the eyes of a resident of the Indian state of Gujarat inches of the worm. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

70-year-old Jasubhai Patel (Jasubhai Patel) several years complained about pain and itching in the eye. Doctors have repeatedly examined the man, however, could not supply him the correct diagnosis. Only at the end of October ophthalmologist Milan Panchali (Milan Panchal) noticed in the eye of the patient of the parasite.

“We took him alive, says Panchali. — The patient was under local anesthesia and felt like we were getting the worm.” The doctor said that Patel needed immediate surgery, otherwise the parasite might permanently lose his vision.

“There was a risk that the worm will penetrate into the human brain through the bloodstream, explains the ophthalmologist. — The operation lasted 25 minutes. The worm was moving so it was difficult for him to grasp”.

The patient said that 12 years ago he was bitten by a dog. The doctor suspected that the worm had penetrated into the eyes of Patel in the attack dogs. “These parasites live on the tongues of dogs and cats, concluded Dr. Panchali. — We sent the worm on microbiological and histopathological examination and waiting for results.”

In early November it was reported that in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, doctors removed from the brain of a patient named Wang lei 12-inch tape worm. The parasite was in his mind for 15 years. Van successfully underwent a two-hour procedure to remove worm at a local hospital.

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