Disclosed details of creating a Russian analogue of “Wikipedia”


www.vsyako.netSergey Kravets Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

To create a Russian online encyclopedia, which is called the equivalent of “Wikipedia” will attract 270 full-time employees and hundreds of authors. About this presentation project, said Executive editor of the scientific publishing house “Great Russian encyclopedia” (BDT) Sergey Kravets, writes “Interfax”.

Currently on the creation of the Russian Internet encyclopedia has approximately 150 employees. Kravets said that the planned staff expansion of up to 270 people and attract hundreds of authors.

According to him, the name of the project is still under discussion. “There is an exact confidence that they need to keep continuity with the “Big Russian encyclopedia”,” — said the Executive editor.

While Kravets said that the Russian project is aimed primarily at teachers and students. All articles will be written by the authors on the terms of the BDT, and for their competence, people will say “his authority”, he said. The work of authors and reviewers will be paid from the fee Fund. The BDT editor thinks that Wikipedia will remain its own audience, “which is not as important as the accuracy of knowledge in detail.”

In November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke in favour of replacing the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” on the Russian counterpart. Then the head of state expressed the view that replacement would become the new “Great Russian encyclopedia” (BDT) in electronic format. According to preliminary estimates, the project budget is about two billion rubles, funds designed for 33 months.

For the first time about creation of a Russian analogue of “Wikipedia” on the basis of BDT began in 2010. The project was presented under the title “Knowledge.” Then it was planned in one resource to merge the contents of BDT, encyclopedias “ROSSPEN”, “Orthodox encyclopedia”, publications of the Academy of Sciences, and several journals certified by the scientific Council as reliable.

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