Kangaroo disfigured walk the dog woman


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A resident of the Australian state of Victoria suffered serious facial injuries after while walking the dog it attacked a kangaroo. This publication reports The Mirror.

Australian woman named Dina (Dina) was walking her dog on the coast. She let go of the pet leash and the dog chased a kangaroo. The hostess tried to pull the dog and came face to face with the marsupial.

Kangaroo threw the girl to the ground. He began to beat her and jump on her. The victim could not defend himself from attack. She had to pretend to be dead to stop the animal.

After the incident Dean needed surgery to treat wounds on the legs, also it required 25 stitches to the face. The Australian said that she does not blame the kangaroo incident. She admitted she felt fear of the animal, and emphasized that people intrude into wildlife and should respect her.

Marsupials attacked the woman a few meters from footpaths. On this trail warning signs that recommend dog owners keep them on leads.

Earlier it was reported that in Yerevan, Armenia, a pack of stray dogs tore at the city zoo three kangaroos. The representatives of the press service of the zoo reported that five or six stray dogs wandered into the territory early in the morning of 31 October, attacked the three krasnozelenyh kangaroo and mortally wounded them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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