Male in shorts for four days to survive in a crocodile-infested forest


www.vsyako.netJerry Devitto: Queensland Police

A resident of the Australian city Kowanyama, Queensland lost four days wandering in the Bush without food and water. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

44-year-old Jerry David (Jerry David) was driving the car Thursday night, November 14, from the city Kowanyama in the city of Pormpuraaw and 100 miles from home hit a cow. Car broke down, and the man was left alone in uninhabited areas of Cape York, where the daytime temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

David was dressed only in shorts: he had no shirt or shoes. Water and food the man also had. So he had to drink from ponds inhabited by crocodiles.

The family of the man reported him missing the next day after he gets home. On 18 November, the police found David, 30 kilometers from the accident scene.

Police Sergeant Pornero Sirs Nick (Nick Ziersch) stressed that the man managed to survive because he knew the specifics of the local nature and have escaped the threat of crocodiles.

Medical examination showed that the health of David fine. He is now recovering at home after testing.

Earlier it was reported that a Chinese cyclist who tried to single-handedly cross the high plateau of Tibet, faced with a pack of wolves, did not calculate the reserves and a week eating grass and roots. Rescuers more than two weeks scouring the plateau in search of the missing traveler and found his abandoned truck near lake Planula.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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