Mystery people with half a brain


www.vsyako.netImage: Caltech Brain Imaging Center

Neuroscientists at Caltech have figured out how people who passed the procedure of hemispherectomy (removal of one of the hemispheres), it is possible to lead a normal lifestyle. The results of the scientific work reported in the publication Science Alert.

The study involved six patients in whom the removed hemisphere to treat severe forms of epilepsy resistant to medication. The results of MRI scans compared with brain images of six healthy people, as well as with the database, which contains information about 1482 images of brains that were scanned for Brain Genomics Superstructure Project. It turned out that the activity of the remaining hemisphere of the brain is strongly reminiscent of the activity of the entire brain.

All six patients also revealed high connectivity between the neural networks of the brain responsible for attention, sensory and limbic (emotion and memory) activity and are typically located in both hemispheres. Increasing the number of links between different systems compensates for the loss of the hemisphere, and supports cognitive function.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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