Russian armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles called useless “bus”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Fomin / Wikimedia

Produced by Russian industry armored “buses” — armored transporters (APCS) and infantry fighting vehicles (BMP), in particular, the “Boomerangs”, “Typhoons” and “Kurgan”, it is better to use away from the frontline, in the second tier, writes “Military-industrial courier”.

“Trying to make armored vehicles at all occasions — not the best idea. In urban combat infantry more reliably protect heavy armored personnel carriers, created on the basis of tanks. For fast moving reconnaissance and sabotage groups need a small, nimble car, and booking is not always necessary, for example buggy”, — assured the newspaper.

The publication notes that “the representatives of the Contracting departments of the Ministry of defense did not have the basic communication with the combatants, study the experience of local wars of recent times”, while reducing the possible loss of possible, reducing the number of fighters carried. “However, it will be clear (assuming analytical work) after the first serious losses”, — the newspaper writes.

In August, the “Military-industrial courier” wrote that until the end of 2019 “Uralvagonzavod” (Sverdlovsk region) will supply the Ministry of defence only 16 cars on the basis of universal tracked platform “Armata”, which explains the need for continuing tests of advanced weapons and caution the Russian military Department in the assessments of its capabilities.

In January of 2018 Instagram “Military-industrial company” published the first photos of the interior promising Russian wheeled platform “boomerang”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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