Russian schoolchildren were obliged daily to sing the national anthem


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Braga / RIA Novosti

Pupils from Yakutia will make every day to sing the Russian national anthem in the classroom to promote a “socially responsible person, a patriot”. The corresponding order was signed by the head of Aysen Nikolaev, reports “Kommersant”.

So, according to the order, the regular performance of the anthem is introduced from 21 November. To Parliament recommended “to improve legislation in the field of spiritual-moral and Patriotic education”.

In the interregional trade Union of education “Teacher” told the newspaper that the practice was introduced only in Yakutia. Teachers are confident that such a measure “will not affect Patriotic education.” Moreover, many students do not know the text of the anthem of Russia completely. Teachers, in turn, do not fully understand, you need a live performance of the anthem in the classroom, or will be sufficient to turn it on in the morning from the speakers, as in the days of the USSR.

“We at school do not really understand how to hold this event and in what form. I will assume that students without joy perceive this innovation in the sense that it’s coercion,” — says English teacher of one of schools of the Khangalassky region of the Republic of Pyotr Germogenov.

According to a member of the teachers ‘ Union and Chairman of the youth Council of Republican Committee of the national education and science, Victoria Ivanova, “the key to this innovation did not take away the 45-minute lesson.”

Earlier in one of the schools of Yekaterinburg high school students were forced to fill out a huge questionnaire, which was a test of patriotism. Granted to students in the papers were about a hundred statements on political, religious, family and national topics with which they had to agree or disagree. The relatives of the students conducting the survey explained, “the monitoring of potential personal growth.”

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