The best ways to start a romantic correspondence


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One of the authors of the blog about online Dating Swipe Life Kristin Collins Jackson (Kristin Collins Jackson) told us how to start a conversation with the interested person, if almost know nothing about him.

The lack of information in the profile can sometimes play into the hands, says Jackson. Instead of the standard “Hello” in the first message you can ask about the Hobbies of the person. In this case, it is appropriate to ask “why are you so mysterious” and see whether interested new acquaintance to talk about themselves.

Another option for the first contact — write a truthful fact about themselves and two about, inviting the user to guess which one is real. “It’s a bold move that can immediately attract attention,” she said.

Strike up a conversation will also help profile photo. The author of the guide advises to ask about what really interested in the pictures. These can be questions about objects, clothing and place of rest.

A good option for the first message may be a joke. Better to do without copying other people’s jokes, and come up with something yourself. The author recommends that the user not be afraid to be sarcastic. If the feeling of the initiator of the conversation, the previous options are not appropriate, you need to honestly inform the person about the desire to communicate, but the lack of understanding about what. According to Jackson, even it will look more interesting the next “Hello, how are you?”

Earlier in the blog Swipe Life told about hackneyed phrases that should not be used in the profile description in Dating app Tinder. Users including is advised not to specify your height and not to lie.

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