The man three years, had lain dead in his apartment



The police the Swedish island of södermalm found in the house of the deceased three years ago man. On it informs edition The Local.

Local residents complained to police that for several years nothing was heard of one elderly neighbor. Patrol visited the apartment of the missing and found his dead body.

“The front door has accumulated a lot of mail. Judging by the dates on the press, he died three years ago. Inside the apartment the lights were on and worked the radio,” said a police officer Victor Adolfson (Viktor Adolphson) in his Twitter account.

According to the preliminary version, the Swede died of natural causes. The exact cause of death will reveal a forensic examination.

Earlier it was reported that in the US found the corpse of the missing ten years ago seller. The body was found in January 2019 for the refrigerator is a closed shop, but due to strong decomposition of the victim’s identity is established later.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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