The passenger pretended to be a pilot for a comfortable place on the plane


www.vsyako.netRajan of Mahbubani: @ANI

48-year-old Rajan Mahbubani (Mahbubani Rajan) dressed in the uniform of a pilot of Lufthansa in order to avoid standing in queues at passport control and airport security. About it reports The Hindustan Times.

The man was going to Board a flight operated by Air Asia from Delhi to Calcutta. However, the chief safety officer of Lufthansa at the international airport Indira Gandhi noticed Mahbubani and gave the police a report about a suspicious passenger in the form of the aircraft commander (FAC), the German airline. Police arrested the fake pilot.

“This man had a fake ID FAC, which he used to obtain privileges at airports,” said the safety officer. During the interrogation, the police Mahbubani admitted that he had received a pilot’s license for Lufthansa in Bangkok, Thailand, during the filming of a movie about aviation. According to him, he has repeatedly dressed in uniforms of different professions and filmed the video which was then posted on the platform TikTok.

The man described himself as a frequent flyer and admitted that he used a fake ID to access the Lounges for crew members, fast pass passport control and a more comfortable seat.

In August 2019, the two pilots of United Airlines, was arrested on suspicion in the use of alcoholic beverages or drugs prior to boarding the plane. It is noted that the 45-year-old and 61-year-old employees of the airline were to operate transatlantic flights from Glasgow airport to Newark airport. However before departure they have not passed the test for alcohol intoxication and were in the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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