The Ukrainians complained about the missing panties with the return of ships


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Arkhip Vereshchagin / TASS

From the ships, which were returned to Ukraine by Russia, lost underwear Ukrainian sailors. About it writes the edition “Observer” with reference to the published social media post one of the sailors Andrew Adera. At the time of publication of news corresponding entry on his page in Facebook was not available.

Adair indicated that he was not surprised by the missing plate since it is expensive, however, wonders about the loss of his personal effects: of the 20 pairs of his underwear, which were on the ship, there was only one. “That’s why you used Trukhanov?!” — outraged the Ukrainian sailor.

According to Adara, he is never surprised after what happened with him, but could not understand the reason why the ships even made such items.

Earlier in Ukraine published the list of missing ships things, which included ammunition, inflatable boat and raft, magnetic and gyrocompasses, fire extinguishers, lighting, cooking hob, hood, various parts, documentation and other things.

The day before the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko said that the detained Russian ships dismantled almost all of the equipment, including toilets, outlets, ceiling. He noted that “the Russians ruined” boat, and promised to show the world the “barbaric attitude” of Moscow.

November 18, Russia gave Ukraine all three detainees in the Kerch Strait of the ship. As pointed out by the Russian foreign Ministry, the ships were material evidence in a criminal case of illegal border crossing, they were transferred to Kiev immediately after the Russian law enforcement agencies have completed the necessary investigations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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