A couple was accused of promoting sexual violence because of the photo shoot before the birth


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Residents of the us state Florida Lea HAMPTON (Leah Hampton) and Marcus Wimberly (Marquis Wimberly) staged a photo shoot in honor of the firstborn. The pair did shoot-style series “the handmaid’s Tale”, the plot of which fertile women are used solely for carrying children, says the Daily Mail.

28-year-old HAMPTON and her husband, 27-year-old Wimberley, posted photos to Facebook. The expectant mother appeared in the guise of a maid from the TV series: it was the scarlet robe and white coif. While Wimberley was dressed in a suit like all the men in the series “the Servant”.

“We’re both fans of the series. I proposed the idea of Marcus and he liked the idea. So we chose the theme,” explained HAMPTON.

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According to American women, the original publication was only available to friends and family. Received a lot of positive feedback, a pregnant woman decided to make a post open for other users.

As a result, the publication became viral, but the comments of strangers were not so positive. A couple accused of justifying abusive behavior towards women and rape. The post received more than 15 thousand comments. In response to the accusations HAMPTON said that not everyone can like the choice of theme for the photo shoot, but her husband is indifferent to such criticism.

American TV series “the handmaid’s Tale” — dystopia of a future society, which is able to reproduce the kind of woman live in sexual slavery and play the role of surrogate mothers. In the story, these maids take the family officers and their wives. Performing its function, and giving birth to a child for them, servants go to another family.

Earlier, another couple decided to celebrate with cake, on which was depicted the male sexual organ. Reddit users criticized the newlyweds for such a decision.

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