“Gazprom” has given a generous discount to an unknown buyer


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The offering price of shares of “Gazprom” on the Moscow stock exchange was on the 11.12 per cent below its market value as of November 21. This follows from the message on the portal disclosure of corporate information.

Package 3.59 percent owned by JSC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie” subsidiary company “Gazprom”. In the case of a sale at market value on the date of opening of bids, its price would have amounted to about 210 billion rubles ($3.3 billion). For total cost the buyer will pay for the deal 188 billion (2.94 billion).

About the plans to sell this package became known yesterday. From investors were received 479 applications. About as many wanted to buy the shares of the company in July this year, when the company the first time for the year came on the Moscow stock exchange. But then the stake of 2.93 percent went to one buyer, which because of the nature of posting could remain anonymous.

The same scheme of sale of shares was chosen this time. To redeem securities can only one contender. According to experts, as the sale was not accompanied by a preliminary announcement, it is likely that the company agreed with the buyer in advance, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The deal will take place amid reports that the Ukraine has managed to block Gazprom access to loans in Europe. According to media reports, the Russian company refused to placement of Eurobonds in November in the amount of about three billion dollars, since lawyers are unable to ensure that the funds are not arrested for debt before “Naftogaz”.

In the “Gazprom” has not confirmed this information, but not denied on the merits. The head of financial-economic Department of “Gazprom” Alexander Ivannikov said that the time of the sale was not announced officially, and there was nothing to cancel.

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