In Russia they have calculated the number of broken military transports


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Armen Gasparyan / the press service of the UAC / RIA Novosti

Serviceable fleet of military transport aviation of Russia has increased to 90 percent. This official printed organ of the defense Ministry newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, said the commander of military transport aviation, Lieutenant-General Vladimir benedictov

According to him, this figure was recorded before the beginning of a strategic command and staff exercises “Center-2019”. This was the best achievement in the recent history of the military transport aviation.

He noted that this was achieved due both to the updating of the fleet, and the work of the technical staff.

One of the priority tasks of the state program of rearmament of the Russian armed forces is the serial production of military transport Il-112. The first initial batch for SCD is estimated at 35-37 machines. Il-112, can accommodate up to 44 passengers or five tons of cargo, is created to replace the Ukrainian An-24 and An-26.

19 November it became known that Russia has decided to withdraw from the preservation of the far bomber Tu-22M3, is based on the Stone Stream near Khabarovsk, and return it as a part of the aerospace forces (VKS) after the upgrade. During the upgrade, the aircraft can equip hypersonic anti-ship missiles “Dagger”, whose carrier is the more modern Tu-22M3M.

In August it was reported that currently the Russian space forces have at their disposal more than 1.8 thousand aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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