Named the worst gifts for unloved relatives


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Reddit users shared ideas of gifts which they described as “passive-aggressive”. Commentators are advised to give their enemies or unpleasant relatives.

The user under the name llcucf80 offered to give nasty people a gift card of a small denomination in the luxury chain stores. MrBnDaBois advised to present models of these cards to give to hit in an awkward situation. The user MysticMom16 suggested that the best option would be a book on how to become better. Wndrwmn8901 told that you can buy the puzzle, to secretly remove a section and glue a box for a gift.

Artemiseus suggested many ideas, including tickets to the event held at an inconvenient time, massage course a few hours away from the home of the recipient, subscribe to the junk log, cactus, cheap socks, deliberately boring book or a photo of the donor in the frame. He was supported by another commenter who has noticed that on one of the farms is possible for a small amount to call one of the dairy cows in honor of any person, and to give it a “sponsorship” to a friend. Black_Bud suggested that the best gift a gorgeous basket of toiletries with deodorants, toothbrushes and breath fresheners. Many supported this idea.

The user Qkddxksthsuseks advised to give enemies gummies sugar-free, as it has a laxative effect. User outoftouch49 considered that the right to do a good deed: “the Best thing you can do is present them with something extremely thoughtful and pleasant. It will absolutely destroy them because they either have to admit that I could be wrong in you, or to convince themselves that they don’t like the gift,” he explained.

Previously, Reddit users have listed the best ways to protect your property from theft. Many of them pointed out that in any case can not hide the key outside the front door.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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