People to discover the most reliable ways to protect property from theft


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Reddit users listed the ways in which you can protect money and valuables from thieves. Thread with their comments got more than 50 suspicious marks and beat out the top resource.

Many recommend not to hide the key near the door, as often people do. User Auferstehen78 also advised not to place expensive equipment so that it was visible from the Windows. Commentator Azzia_hey added that it is not necessary to inform a large number of people on planned long trips, during which no one will be home.

The user AlphaTangoFoxtrt advised the owners of private houses close to farm outbuildings, as thieves can not only steal things, but use different tools for hacking. Robbed user Doesitmatter83 the thief searched the closet, drawers, bedside tables and furniture in the hallway. The commenter concluded that in these areas should not hide the value.

In addition, users have called places, on the contrary, more suited to securely hide belongings. Ban_me_daddyy told that the money and jewelry you can keep for the fake outlets. Downwarddawg shared the experience of his cousin, who bought a box for jewelry and filled it with expensive-looking jewelry. The man thought that entered his house the thieves with high probability grab this box, and then will not look.

User Dalaigh93 remembered that his mother was hiding valuables in the washing machine which was heavy to budge. Kaleopolitus mother kept the jewels in a box under spices, which set out among other similar boxes in the closet. Shocksalot123 advised to hide money in an empty fire extinguisher.

Previously, Reddit users shared some ways to identify a bad employer during the interview. Some drew attention to the atmosphere in the team and others on the quest carried out the interview of the employee to hide the true wage.

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