Prosecutors called error, a new procedure for medical examination for drivers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Introducing new rules for the inspection of motorists, the Ministry of health made a mistake. This was stated by first Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Buksman, reports TASS.

Buksman said that because of the gap in the legislation, the interior Ministry does not receive information about those who consists on the account at the psychiatrist. Because of this, the Department is unable to track drug addicts and alcoholics claiming the privilege.

He added that the Prosecutor General’s office have repeatedly appealed to the involved agencies with the request to develop a comprehensive solution. “As you can see, the Ministry of health found it an unusual solution to this issue, and made the mistake to be corrected”, — said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

20 November it became known that Russia is developing a bill that tightens the rules of passing the driving exams and obtain medical references. According to him, motorists will be obliged not only to pass the “interview” doctors to check vision, but also to hand over blood and urine.

Information about the new rules caused a stir among drivers, and in several Russian cities lined up willing to issue a medical certificate for obtaining a driver’s license at the same price. It was noted that after November 22, the cost could grow 13 times. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the new rules a nonsense.

November 21, Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagai reported that the Ministry of health has decided to delay the entry of the order into force. According to him, it is planned to perform the methods that are used for medical examination to ensure their effectiveness.

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