Relatives mutilated rider did not wait for doctors and buried him


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Arnulfo Franco / AP

In Guyana, relatives took away and buried the wrecked motorcycle before his death was officially confirmed. This is the website of Kaieteur News.

A head-on collision between two motorcycles occurred on the territory of the Church in the Rupununi region on Saturday, November 16. As a result, 25-year-old Baldwin Wilson received serious injuries and was taken to the hospital by witnesses. The lifeless body of 31-year-old Ben Aguilar immediately took relatives.

Arrived at the scene of the collision, the police were surprised when did not find the body of a motorcyclist, and went to the house where Aguilar lived. His family said that he carried the man home and immediately buried him in the backyard, because in this region taken immediately to bury the dead.

Police had to exhume the body and deliver it to the hospital, where doctors pronounced the death of the motorcyclist. The man will be an autopsy to determine what caused his death. While doctors can’t say for sure whether he was dead at the time of the funeral.

Earlier it was reported that because of the confusion with tombstones cemetery in Singapore, the Choa Chu Kang people almost 40 years went to mourn at the graves of strangers and not their relatives. This came to light when the body of the grandmother’s 50-year-old Singaporean exhumed to free space for new dead, and found in the grave belonged to a woman, soft toys, necklace and colored pencils.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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