Silly mistake for the American “Field of dreams” turned the fans against the show


www.vsyako.netKristen Shaw (left)Frame: “Weel of Fortune”

Viewers of the show “Wheel of fortune” (the prototype of the “Field of miracles”) was outraged by the behavior of the program presenter Pat Seijaku (Pat Sajak) in relation to the member Kristen Shows (Kristen Shaw), who gave the correct answers. Under the terms, she had to guess the four words in the crossword puzzle. Her choices were correct, but during the enumeration of the words she used to bind the word “and” (and), which is counted as part of the response, with the result that the last word does not fit into the empty spaces.

To solve the “crossword”, member of “wheel of fortune”, to list words that were hidden. Show called the four right words: “right”, “football”, “left” and “Sally”. “Right, soccer, left, and Sally,” said the woman. Because of the conjunction “and” in empty Windows had not got the word “Sally”.

The host of the quiz explained that before the answer tried to warn the party. “In most cases, I warn the players that they did not add anything, and you might not even heard of, how you say, but you said “and” with the last word, and we must adhere to the rules,” said Sajak, approaching the participants.

The show lost around two thousand dollars. Next contestant answered the riddle correctly and ahead of her.

Fans of “wheel of fortune” was sorry for causing an annoying bug American. They expressed their outrage on Twitter. “Caught on “and” in the crossword puzzle. Damn, dude”, — was indignant one of the spectators. Some called for changes in the rules of the show. “They can easily change the rule to allow “and””as part of your verbal answer,” said a user with the nickname Total D. It was supported by other bloggers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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