The dog smelled cancer, and Housewives saved her life


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A resident of the U.S. state of Wisconsin just discovered a cancerous tumor due to your dog. Reported by the Daily Star.

Stephanie Herfel (Stephanie Herfel) admitted that six years ago, her dog named Sierra (Sierra) started to act strange. Pet often approached the hostess, sniffed her belly and laid them on his nose.

First American did not respond to the dog’s behavior, but a few days later, she found that Sierra was hiding behind the cupboard, curled up and hid his nose under the tail. “Her little face was wet and his eyebrows furrowed,” — said Hertel.

The strange behavior of the dog, and began abdominal pain forced the woman to seek medical help. Doctors discovered the patient had third stage ovarian cancer and began immediate treatment which led to remission.

However, a few months later, Hertel noticed that the Sierra has again started to sniff her stomach and hiding his nose under his paws and tail. The doctors confirmed fears of a woman — cancer is back.

Physician Herfel, oncologist David Kushner (David Kushner), believes that the dog’s behavior has a rational explanation. Scientific studies have confirmed that 97 percent of cases, dogs are able to distinguish the smell of healthy blood from an infected with cancer.

“This area of research very interesting. She is considering the use of canine scent to detect cancerous tumors,” said the scientist Jankara Heather (Heather Junqueira).

Earlier it was reported about the cat that saved the owner from cancer. She was always jumping on his chest women and was acting strange. Later the doctors diagnosed women with breast cancer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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