The estimated expenses of the Russians for Pets


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

On average, the Russians, who have Pets, spend on the maintenance of one pet 1.5 thousand rubles per month. Most of the money goes to food and vet services, according to the material of the analytical center NAFI (at the disposal “of the”).

Approximately 25 percent of owners spend on their Pets more than two thousand rubles per month, six percent — more than five thousand. The biggest costs — the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Of these, 44 per cent spend in a month from two thousand rubles, 16 percent of five Grand. All the Russians in Pets goes 36,6 billion rubles a month.

For veterinary services over the past year has converted 46 percent of owners of animals. Of them are emergency cases was 29 percent, preventive methods, 16 per cent. Also the owners spent on the carriage of Pets (18 percent), hairdressing (six percent), the taming, the contents in hotels and walking (two-three percent), clothing and ammunition (five percent), toys (3%), toilet (litter tray, 4 percent), and special cosmetics and care (one percent).

Pets in Russia is almost half of Russian households (44 percent).

Was previously named favorite exotic Pets of the Russians. This decorative rats, hamsters, gerbils, spined and decorative mouse proteins degu, Guinea pigs, rabbits, raccoons, chinchillas and hedgehogs.

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