The patient is transplanted the infected organ and ruined it


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In Wales, UK, one patient died and two needed treatment after transplantation of an infected donor organ. About this newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The investigation revealed that in August 2015, the transplant surgeon accidentally cut the stomach of the donor during the retrieval of the other bodies, and on them were contained in this fluid. As a result of medical errors several organs got infected with the fungal infection Candida albicans, the causative agent of a dangerous disease in people with immunodeficiencies. The doctor did not warn about his gaffes of colleagues, and three patients had received infected organs.

36-year-old patient, whose name was not disclosed, died of an aneurysm, triggered by the infected liver donor. 25-year-old immediately deleted the patient transplanted with a kidney infection, he was treated at the hospital. The third patient, who is 44, has also worsened the condition after kidney transplantation and pancreas.

The investigation began after the surgeons of the Department of public health, University of Cardiff and Vale is concerned about the state of the 25-year-old patient. It had entered into an artificial coma and made him 16 blood transfusions and dialysis treatments. Guilty in incident transplant surgeon claims that really left on the stomach of the donor barely noticeable scratch, but did not attach any importance to this.

The doctor documented the incident, and therefore neither doctors nor patients knew about the risk of infection. 25-year-old patient sued for a charitable organization Oxford Trust, where the transplant. The Fund’s representatives admitted guilt and paid compensation to the patient in 215 thousand pounds sterling (17,7 million).

In September it was reported about a specialist in acupuncture from Hamilton in New Zealand, which stuck a needle, the patient too deeply and punctured her lungs. The doctor treated the woman’s wrist injury.

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