The stepmother showed the children the chest and got under court



In Utah can recognize the sexual criminal, a woman who bared Breasts in the presence of foster children. About it reports Fox News.

The incident occurred about a year ago. 28-year-old Tilly Buchanan (Tilli Buchanan) and her husband removed the shirt when he was working in his garage. They saw the children of her husband, who were nine and 13 years. They talked about the case of his mother, and she complained to social services.

Buchanan was charged with three offences relating to obscenity. According to prosecutors, the woman was drunk and undressed, declared that he would not get dressed until naked husband. She argues that stripped of his clothes, because he didn’t want to get dirty while working in the garage.

“If we lose, she’s going to sex offenders list where you put people who rape children or did something else like that,” says her lawyer. He considers the punishment disproportionate.

Buchanan called the persecution of women for the exposure of the chest manifestation of double standards. “The husband was next to me and dressed exactly the same, but it in no way blame”, she said. It is expected that the verdict will be pronounced after two months.

12 November it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of Loveland, Colorado, which was charged with indecent exposure for playing Frisbee Topless, will pay 50 thousand dollars (3.2 million rubles). She also threatened to inclusion in the list of persons who have committed sexual offenses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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