Information about rape suicide of sledovatelya check


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The police are checking the information that the rape of a 23-year-old sledovatelya from Sochi Maria Klochkova was the reason for her suicide. This was reported on the website of the Moi for the Krasnodar territory.

It is noted that the audit will establish all the circumstances and causes of the incident, and according to its results the guilty officials are brought to justice.

The wearer previously “Vkontakte” Anna Klochkova published in a public “Ombudsman of the police” information that sledovatelnitsa from Sochi could commit suicide after rape by colleagues.

On 25 November it became known that Maria Klochkova insulted her superiors. According to her classmates, boss, “called her stupid”. She also told her friends that the leader threw her stick with the indictment.

Klochkova committed suicide Saturday, November 23. It was reported that she graduated from the University of the interior Ministry in August 2019 and has only recently begun to go to daily watch. In the last time, she had become withdrawn and spent a lot of time alone.

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