Assistant Professor-dismantler Sokolov decided to bring from St. Petersburg to Moscow


www.vsyako.netOleg Sokolovtsi: Alexander Halperin / RIA Novosti

Killed and dismembered his former student and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko former associate Professor, St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov etapiruyut to Moscow pretrial detention centre (SIZO). On Tuesday, November 26 edition of “the Rise” reports with reference to the lawyer of historian Alexander Pochueva.

According to the lawyer, after the transfer of the criminal case about the murder Yeshchenko in the Central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), it was decided to transfer him from the detention facility “Crosses” in the Northern capital in Moscow Matrosskaya Tishina prison.

According to Pochueva, it will facilitate the work of the Metropolitan investigators, but will increase the costs, as most of the work they have carried out in St. Petersburg. He added that he considered the translation Sokolov is excessive given the fact that the historian confessed to the crime.

18 November it was reported that during the investigative experiment in the apartment in which the murder was committed Yeshchenko, Sokolov tried to hurt himself with a cutlass at the time when he briefly took off the handcuffs. In this case, the historian was wearing a bulletproof vest. It stopped being in the place the investigators.

November 9, Oleg Sokolov was detained in St. Petersburg while trying to drown in the river Washing a severed female hands. He later admitted that he killed his former student Anastasia Yeshchenko, which was a long-term relationship and quarreled because of jealousy. He dismembered her body to dispose of evidence. November 11, the court arrested him for two months.

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