Homework on the “fat” girl infuriated the mother of the first grader


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A resident of the U.S. state of Kentucky Laurel Lee Lewis (Laural Lee Lewis) angered the task that was given at the home of her daughter, the first grader. The children were asked to choose which of drawn girls can be considered “fat” and circle the right picture with a pencil. Lewis called the task of discriminating and shared the outrage at Facebook.

“On the last page says “fat” and examples plumper and more shapely girls,” — said the American.

She told her daughter that this job is bodyshaping, that is discrimination against people in appearance, do not fit into standards of beauty. “Even if it was a slim girl or an example of the word “slim”, I think it’s still bodyshaping because someone doesn’t like that his so called,” — said the woman.

Lewis noticed that to illustrate the difference between the words “slim” and “fat”, you could choose an animal or food. “I was most outraged by the way they illustrated this point. Big girl put in that light on display. Very frustrating,” added the mother of the first grader.

In the publication it is stressed that “when a child comes home with something like that, you begin to think, and what actually is taught in school”. As the channel WKYT, the local Board of education said it had not received complaints from parents about the mission, but promised to check.

In the comments to the post, users were divided in the assessment of the picture. Some felt that the fears of the mother is justified and children should not familiar with the words on the example of a person’s appearance because it can be the basis for bullying in the school. Others believe that nothing bad in the picture there, because to be offended by the truth are not worth it, besides, children need to know about the problems with excess weight.

Earlier it was reported that a school teacher from St. Petersburg were fired for record in the personal account. School learned of her posts about sex and booze, as well as on the informal relationship with students.

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