It became known tragic phrase Yeltsin before the start of the Chechen war


www.vsyako.netBoris Yeltsin and Zelimkhan of Andreetto: Reuters

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin refused to call the head of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev before the war under the pretext that this is still “not time”. This was stated by the co-chair of the Moscow Helsinki group, former Deputy of the State Duma Valery Borshchev in an interview with “the”.

According to Borschev, Russian and Chechen military wanted to prevent the war. In particular, the parties engaged in informal and informal talks. In particular, the Russian side, including the Borschev, held talks with Dudayev, who “lifted the thesis about secession from Russia.”

Then Yeltsin went Deputy Sergei Kovalyov, who persuaded him to call Dudayev, to prevent the outbreak of war. However, the President responded that “not yet”.

The first Chechen war began in 1994. Its cause was the goal of Russia to take under control the territory of Chechnya, which in 1991 was proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The fighting continued until 31 August 1996, the result was killed more than five thousand Russian soldiers and 80 thousand civilians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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