My father decided to have children with an ex-boyfriend of her daughter


www.vsyako.netBarry Druitt-Barlow and Scott Hutchinsonite: from personal archive

The man entered into a relationship with an ex-boyfriend of his daughter and plans to have children through surrogacy. This publication reports The Mirror.

Barry Druitt-Barlow (Barrie Drewitt-Barlow) and his husband Tony in 1996 was registered as the first in the UK by gay parents. Later they moved to the American state of Florida and settled in a luxurious mansion. The pair earned business related to surrogacy.

In 2006, Tony was diagnosed with cancer. While his partner was receiving treatment, Barry found support in the face of his assistant Scott Hutchinson (Scott Hutchinson).

Now that Tony is in remission, 50-year-old Barry broke up with him and began a relationship with 25-year-old Hutchinson. Thus, Hutchinson went out with 19-year-old daughter of the chief. Now they all live under one roof.

Barry and Hutchinson plan to have children through surrogacy. They want it to be twin girls. Gender of future children they plan to determine by in vitro fertilization.

Barry said that his family was “unorthodox”, but he intends to protect from negativity of their future children. Tony fully supported the plan and intends to become a beloved godfather to their children.

Earlier it was reported that in the South African city of Cape town rejected the wife sued her husband who confessed to her that he was gay. According to her statement, before marriage, the man convinced her that straight, wants to enter into a monogamous relationship and have children, and that he was gay, she found out only after the sixth anniversary of the wedding.

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