Named “real cause” of the Chechen war


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The failure of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin to negotiate with the head of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev was the “real cause” of the Chechen war. About it “” said the Deputy Chairman of the Public Commission for the conservation of heritage academician Sakharov, Anatoly Shabad.

According to Shabad, Dudayev has repeatedly said it wants to hold talks with Yeltsin. However, he did not agree, because the self-proclaimed head of the Republic “allowed himself to mock him”.

After the storming of the Parliament building in Moscow in October 1993, Dudayev was sent to Yeltsin the letter in which he praised the Russian leader for what he “the opposition pressed”. But in fact the message was offensive, said Shabad.

“The Dudayev at the time, seized power by a military hurriedly, and thus gave Yeltsin to understand that “we are each other”. So this was the real reason for the Chechen war, because after that Yeltsin did not want on Dudayev to hear,” — said the source “”.

The reason for the armed conflict in October 1993 was the abolition of the Supreme Council. His supporters tried to seize the building of the city hall and the Ostankino television center. October 4, according to the decision of Yeltsin stormed the White house. Won the President’s supporters. Thereafter, in December 1993, adopted a new Constitution.

In 1994, Russia began the First Chechen war (the official name — the Restoration of constitutional order in the Chechen Republic), whose aim was to regain control over the territory of Chechnya, which in 1991 was proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. It lasted until 31 August 1996, the result was killed more than five thousand Russian soldiers and 80 thousand civilians.

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