Penetrated to the estate trump the Chinese woman in jail


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Accused of illegal penetration on territory of a private club Mar-a-Lago to the U.S. state of Florida, where the estate of the President of the United States Donald trump, a citizen of China Yujing Zhang was sentenced to eight months in prison. It is reported by NPR.

Herself a resident of Shanghai pleaded guilty to all charges, including perjury. It is noted that during the trial she seemed confused and kept making long pauses before answering questions. It is known that after prison she is deported to China.

The incident occurred at the end of March, however it became known about it in April. 32-year-old Chinese woman showed the staff resort in palm beach, two passports, and said he is a relative of one of the members of a private club and wants to use the pool.

It is noted that employees of the Secret service, which is responsible for the safety of the first persons of the USA, let her in, because her name really coincided with the name of a person included in the lists. Yujing Zhang drove to the reception, where she stated that she came to participate in the event, the Chinese-American Association, under the auspices of the UN. Since nothing like that was not planned, the Chinese returned to the agents for review.

It turned out that in Florida Zhang sent her Chinese friend named Charles, with whom she communicated only via instant messenger WeChat. He told her to attend the event and try to speak with someone from the family members trump the economic relations between China and the United States.

When a woman found two Chinese passports, four mobile phones, a laptop, a hard drive and a flash drive infected with malicious software. Trump that day although we were in Florida, but in the time of the incident was not on the estate. In addition, directly to the residence of the President of the Chinese to get could not: it is necessary to pass additional check.

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