Russia has started to pay thousands of euros complaining prisoners


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The Russian authorities in 2019 have begun to recognize the violations of the rights of citizens who complained to the European court of human rights (ECHR) for the conditions of detention in prisons and penal colonies. On Tuesday, November 26, reports “Kommersant” with reference to the human rights center “memorial”.

As said the lawyer of “Memorial” Marina Agaltsova, we are talking at least about 142 complaints. In all cases, the Russian government acknowledged its responsibility for inadequate conditions of detention in prisons and penal colonies, and offered to pay to each applicant from 1 thousand to 12.8 thousand euros in compensation. The court made a unilateral Declaration of the state and dismissed cases.

According to Galloway, this practice helps to relieve judges of the ECHR from considering the same type of complaints. In addition, of particular value is the fact of recognition by the Respondent state that it “in some derelict,” said the lawyer. “As we all know, confession is the first step to remedy the situation… We expect that the government would endeavour and correct the situation with the conditions of detention of citizens in places of deprivation of liberty,” she added.

According to “Kommersant”, in 2012, the ECtHR adopted a pilot judgment in the case “Ananyev V. Russia”, in which the situation in Russian prisons is estimated as a structural problem. The court gave the government recommendations for improving this situation. Although Russia ECHR provides regular reports on the implementation of the resulting recommendations, of the measures taken are still not enough to change the situation in the prisons generally, said the publication of the lawyer of Fund “Russia sitting” Olga Podoplelova.

In her words, detention is still the most applied measure of restraint and detention conditions remain “is actually torture”. “This is the case when the state is much easier and cheaper to pay off than systematically to change something,” — said Podoplelova.

In 2018, almost half (43%) received priority of the ECHR complaints were filed from Russia. However, Russia also became a leader in the number of recognized ECHR of human rights violations: of the 248 cases investigated 238 have been satisfied.

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