Russian schoolboy to death poisoned with a gas canister


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

In Novosibirsk in a cafe in the Railway area on November 24 died on 12-year-old boy who had previously breathed from a gas canister. About it reported the edition “NGS-Novosibirsk”.

One of the witnesses of the incident said that the deceased child carried the other to the bathroom gas cans, washed them and went to the toilet. After five minutes, the first boy came out and suddenly fell, the second ran away.

The boy shifted on the sofa, but he could not breathe, baby “was breathing hard, he vomited right of blood,” the newspaper writes. The ambulance arrived after 17 minutes, all the while the regulars tried to give the boy help. The arrived doctors moved the child to the ambulance about an hour and tried to save him.

15 minutes after the arrival of the doctors arrived at the scene the police. Police took the gas cans view “under burner”. According to the eyewitness, she heard that the child was from a dysfunctional family. The death of a child investigators and prosecutors.

November 25 in Vadskiy secondary school in Nizhny Novgorod region 44 students and one teacher were taken to hospital with signs of poisoning. Presumably, they inhaled odorant from the gas distribution station, which is used to give the smell of gas. All were released home after medical examination. As the Minister of energy and housing and communal services of the region Andrey Chertkov, the authorities consider the hypothesis that the poisoning occurred because of violations in the operation of the gas supplying equipment on one of the objects of “Gazprom” — it is six kilometers from the school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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