The Federal budget for the first time replenished with a capital money


www.vsyako.netTomentosa: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

Tyumen oblast is the first region after Moscow, which will direct the funds to the Federal budget. This follows from the law on the Federal budget for the years 2020-2022, approved by the Federation Council on November 25, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The region would send to the Federal budget of 3.4 billion rubles in the next three years. Funds will be used for the renovation and construction of the Tyumen higher military engineering command school named after Marshal of engineer troops A. I. Proshlyakov, which is owned by the Federal government.

With the proposal to allocate money in the Federal budget were made by the region itself, according to the Ministry of Finance of Russia. It stressed that such situation is unique, and the extension of this practice is not planned.

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