The guy accused lover in intentional pregnancy and had the reputation of irresponsible


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A Reddit user under the nickname Exciting-Doctor blamed the girl that she deliberately got pregnant a secret from him. However, the thread commenters condemned his behavior.

According to the man, he’s Dating the girl for four years and have a great relationship. The guy was confused only by the fact that his lover wanted children admired children’s clothing and decor, children’s rooms, often read about parenting. She was also signed on many family accounts on Instagram and sent him a funny video clips of children.

He noticed that they both were confident that are not yet ready for the appearance of children. A few days ago revealed that she is in second month of pregnancy. “I was absolutely shocked. To be honest, I then offered to have an abortion, but my girlfriend was adamant against it and said she was very happy kid and I offer her angry,” shared guy.

He accused his beloved that she deliberately staged the whole thing. She got mad and said that never arrived: in her opinion, now is not the time for pregnancy, but you should live with it if it happened.

“I again accused her of lying, it was too much of a coincidence,” said the man. The girl went to her parents and locked it.

The man asked followers to judge who is right in this situation. In his opinion, they are with a girl could be together in the future, but he believes that she still specially faked pregnancy. Commentators in response called the author of the thread is irresponsible and stupid. They noticed that dreams about motherhood does not mean that the girl will try to get pregnant at any cost. “You don’t trust her as a person?” they asked, noting that man “at best” just turned into the control freak that does not imply that anything can happen otherwise.

Many answered that sometimes girls do want to “bind” anyone to his child, but this is very rare. “You named your constant girl a liar, said I don’t trust her, and asked her to have an abortion in the same breath… It’s a giant breakthrough,” they were perplexed. Some have said that the man has for many years built a relationship with the beloved, but the whole time, didn’t trust her.

Earlier, a Reddit user, recently become a father, said that he had made the rules of visiting the baby. Many relatives have criticized it. Commentators also considered him a weirdo.

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