A version of a possible attack “tor” on the Ukrainian liner


www.vsyako.netSupposedly a fragment of the missile at the crash site of Boeing in Irinafoto: @AshkanMonfared_

Twitter began to spread photograph taken allegedly at the crash site of the Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines”. It is argued that it represents a fragment of a rocket launched presumably from the anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS) “tor”.

On the drew the attention of the founder the Internet-editions Bellingcat, a British journalist Eliot Higgins, specializing in investigations. He noted that the origin of the photo has yet to be tested and to clarify the source of the frame based on all geolocation data will be difficult, but promised that Bellingcat will check the version of a possible attack on the plane of “Torah”.

“We will consider the last known location of the plane [air space], and its distance from Iranian military bases and see whether he was in range systems “Thor”. It does not depend on the authentication image,” wrote Higgins. Finally, he secured a tweet in which he stressed that while the location shown on the photo of the chip is established that, according to him, is almost impossible, this information should be treated with caution.

According to open sources, armed with the Iranian army has 29 “tor-M1” Russian production. Supply these systems to Iran from Russia was completed in January 2007.

Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines” caught fire and fell a few minutes after takeoff from the Tehran airport. Killing all aboard 176 people, most of them were citizens of Iran and Canada.

Iranian authorities previously said the cause of the disaster the fire in the engine. The exact cause will be revealed after the analysis of the flight recorders of the liner. However, in the middle East to the press, rumors that the plane could be shot down during the missile attack of Iran on the United States military facilities in Iraq.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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