In the skull of a murdered man found the mysterious brain



Scientists have found an ancient brain that belonged to the slain 2600 years ago man, and explained his mysterious preservation. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers analyzed the molecular composition of brain tissue. Were identified 800 proteins, some of which were functional enough to participate in the immune response. Proteins formed tightly Packed aggregates that have proved more stable than those found in the brain of modern humans. This may partly explain why the medulla is preserved.

In addition, the important role played by the environment in which you found the skull. The heat, humidity and fine-grained silt could block access to oxygen, which is necessary for vital activity of microorganisms decomposing soft tissue.

Skull with brain tissue was discovered by a group of British archaeologists near the village of Heslington. The remains were in a boggy pit, but no other tissue, such as hair, the researchers found. Experts have found that the skull belonged to a man beheaded. Usually brain matter begins to decompose in a few minutes after death due to the large amount of fat. The researchers found that there has been no attempt to preserve soft tissue, which makes the finding even more mysterious.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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