Got the scenario of the impact of the F-35 for “brought down” Boeing 737-800 Ukrainian “Thor”


www.vsyako.netThe wreckage of the Boeing 737-800Фото: Nazanin Tabatabaee / Wana News Agency / Reuters

A stressful situation, in which the calculation of anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) “tor-M1”, which probably was not included in the Iranian joint system of antiaircraft defense (air defense), could become a key factor that led to the possible impact of s on the Ukrainian passenger plane Boeing 737-800s, writes The Drive.

The American edition admits that the calculation of ZRS, which could eliminate the airliner, in fact, expecting American military aircraft, which triggered a “nervous situation” and, as a consequence, the chain of erroneous actions, which could be mistakenly shot down a civilian plane. According to The Drive, the destruction of air defense missile systems from the United States could be implemented in two scenarios.

In the first case could be launched from the fourth generation fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon anti-radar missiles AGM-88 High-speed Anti-Radar Missile (HARM), which would affect tor-M1 at a speed of about 2 Mach. The second and more likely way, according to the publication, the AAMS could destroy controlled precision bomb GBU-39 discharged from the inner compartment of the fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II.

The Drive notes that the tor-M1 was the most likely route of U.S. missiles and fighters, if the latter were used to attack military sites of Tehran, and the radar itself WRU was “burning like a bright flashlight in a dark room, literally telling the hostile forces of their whereabouts and the need for their destruction.”

Earlier in The Drive, wrote that the United States by space systems infrared observations Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) could actually directly observe the estimated impact of “Thor-M1” on the plane Boeing 737-800.

A blow to the US air base in Iraq, Iran struck in the night of Wednesday, January 8. One version of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner Boeing 737-800 that crashed a few hours after the incident near Tehran airport, Imam Khomeini, is hit in the aircraft purchased by Iran from Russia tor-M1.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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