The cat wandered 14 years and returned to the owners die


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The cat is from the German city of Aschaffenburg wandered 14 years, and then reunited with their owners and died at their hands. This publication reports the Daily Star.

The family lost a cat named Bodice (Soul) after Christmas in 2005. Their one year old pet suddenly disappeared. The owners have long sought him, but eventually ceased to hope that the Bodice back.

28 Dec 2019 passers-by found a cat with a dull coat at the bus stop in the locality of Froschhausen, near Aschaffenburg. Animal looked sick and hungry. Found him a couple called the representatives of the local charitable Fund for the protection of animals. Employees of the organization saw the cat on the ear mark, whereby they were able to contact his owners.

When the owners opened the door, the cat jumped to it on hands. And they and their 18-year-old daughter was happy to see the Bodice. The owners have surrounded with pet care and hoped that his condition will improve, but this did not happen. The cat died 2 January, a week after returning home.

The local organization for the protection of animals has published pictures of the cat and its owners hoping to learn where the animal spent 14 years after his disappearance.

Earlier it was reported that the assistant Sheriff of Hillsborough County the U.S. state Florida was found near his office missing two years ago, the cat and returned it to the owner. Find the owner helped a microchip with contact information for the owner of the animal.

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