Trump pardoned war criminal refused to return to SWAT


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Khalid Mohammed / AP

Pardoned by the President of the United States Donald trump war criminal Matthew Holstine refused to restore the service. The former mayor demanded the return of his qualification tab, the special forces, of which he was deprived, after the murder of unarmed Afghan in 2010, according to CNN.

The tab is awarded at the end of a grueling military training course special forces soldiers. Unlike the green beret, awarded the distinctive sign fighters can wear it throughout a military career, even when not involved in the operations of special forces.

Major Matthew Holsten had to stand trial for the murder of unarmed Afghans committed in 2010. The crime was investigated since 2011, the accused pleaded not guilty. In November 2019, the trump pardoned Holstine and two military accused of murder — Clint Laurens and Edward Gallagher. The latter was restored to the rank.

Sources familiar with the situation, reported that the decision to pardon trump took against the advice of senior Pentagon officials. In addition, it was reported that due to the clemency of Gallagher 25 November 2019, was dismissed by the Minister of naval forces (Navy) of the United States Richard Spencer. The Secretary of defense mark Esper was allegedly asked to dismiss the head of the Navy after his secret requests not to intervene in the case of Gallagher in exchange for a voluntary withdrawal of the last of the seal retaining the title.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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