In the Verkhovna Rada called on to deny Iran trust


www.vsyako.netPhoto: stringer / RIA Novosti

Kiev should not trust Iran after the leadership of the Islamic Republic acknowledged that Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down by accident. On Saturday, January 11, in his Facebook wrote the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the party of former President Poroshenko “European solidarity” Vladimir Aryev.

The parliamentarian recommended to deny Iran trust, and called on the Ukrainian authorities to insist on access to the international investigation group on the rules of the International civil aviation organization (ICAO). “The main thing — do not be afraid to seek the truth,” said the Ariev.

The politician said that entire chain of events needs to be restored constantly. Also from his words we can conclude that the investigation should cover including producer shot down the plane with anti-aircraft missile complex, which, presumably, is Russia.

“When and who supplied the weapons? How and who gave the order to launch? Who was present at the time of the missile launch? A lot of questions,” — said Ukrainian Deputy.

The Ukrainian ship, which was carrying 167 passengers and 9 crew members, crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport on the morning of 8 January. On Saturday, January 11, the Iranian side confirmed that the airliner was shot down accidentally. The cause of the crash was called the “human factor”. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani promised that the investigation will continue and the guilty punished.

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