Russian students promised problems because of the word “veteran”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid/ RIA Novosti

Russian students promised problems because of the word “veteran”: the spelling of the word with a capital letter carries risks. This was announced by the rector of the State Institute of Russian language named after A. S. Pushkin Margarita Rusetskaya. Her words quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

In particular, ignorance of the rules of the Russian language is fraught with low scores on the exam. “If there is such a rule, not know it and not follow it on the letter will be at least fraught with low grades for students and low scores on the exam”, she said. Rusetskaya pointed out that the word “veteran” has many meanings. “This is a labor veteran, and veterans of any movements, and wars. Here we have to understand what was going on,” added the rector.

Offer to write the word “veteran”, in relation to the participant of the great Patriotic war, with a letter received earlier in January. The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva supported this initiative.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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