Fertilized hundreds of turtles male 80 years later sent home


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Arnd Wiegmann / REUTERS

A male giant tortoise (hoodensis Head) about the nickname Diego, hundreds of fertilized females during the 80-year-old “business” trip, returns home to his native island in the Galapagos. About it writes “bi-Bi-si”.

In the 1960-ies Diego is one of 14 males, were transported to the island of Santa Cruz in California to increase the population of turtles. Over the years, the population there grew by more than 2 thousand individuals, and the 100-year-old Diego became the father of about 800 turtles.

In March, the record holder Diego will return to their homeland, the island of Hispaniola, which is also in the time saved from extinction. About 50 years ago because of its unique libido he helped to restore the population with 2 males and 12 females up to 1800 individuals, 40 percent of whom are his descendants.

When life expectancy in the wild for over 100 years, Galapagos tortoises are among the most long-lived vertebrates. In captive caught specimens have lived for over 170 years.

In September it was reported about the inhabitant of the British city of Tewkesbury, who trained her turtle to crawl to the pub. According to him, trips to the pub help his pet to spend the excess energy that is not obtained to expend in search of females.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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