Acting President of Abkhazia appointed Prime Minister


www.vsyako.netValery Ganbatte: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The people’s Assembly (Parliament) of Abkhazia appointed Prime Minister Valery Bganba acting President. On Monday, January 13, reports “Interfax”.

The Parliament adopted the resignation of the current President Raul Khajimba voted 32 deputies, against — 2. The candidacy of Bganba as temporary head of the Republic approved unanimously.

Earlier it was reported that Khajimba resigned and refused to participate in the upcoming early presidential elections. Vice-President Aslan Bartsits, who also submitted his resignation “in the name of preserving peace and stability,” noted that the former President does not intend to sit idly by and participate in the political process.

Alas Kvitsinia, rival Khajimba on last autumn’s elections, has also not yet decided whether he will run for President as the candidate from the opposition, reports “Sputnik Abkhazia”.

The President of Abkhazia left the post amid mass protests and riots began in the country on January 9 in conjunction with proceedings in the Supreme court of Quizine on the recognition of election results invalid. On the same day the Parliament approved the resignation of Khajimba. The head of state that day said he was not going to leave, and threatened to enter the country under a state of emergency. However, after talks with the opposition and the court’s decision, satisfied the claim of Quizine, he changed his mind. Early elections are scheduled for March 22.

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