At the hospital spoke about the state of Russian girl “from camp”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oksana Trufanova page in “Vkontakte”

Girl “like concentration camps” Liza Kudryavtseva, which only weighs 18 pounds, is in serious condition. About this said the head of the service of the palliative help to children city clinical hospital No. 5 in Chelyabinsk Kira Painter, reports the edition “Накануне.RU”.

According to Painter, from Kudryavtseva severe congenital pathology and low body weight is associated with two serious diseases. The physician noted that the girl was very weak, she has brain damage and musculoskeletal. “Exhaustion is not a result of the famine, food was enough, we checked,” she said. The body of a girl was also found a large bedsores, she was groomed.

Now she receives intravenous nutrition and medication, it also deals with the psychologist. However, she “responds to the level eighteen months of the child”, does not talk and does not do active movements — she opens her eyes and locks gaze. Before entering the hospital the girl was undergoing psychotherapy, the doctor prescribed her the medication.

Painter also explained that the girl cannot eat through the mouth because her nervous system is not working properly and the food can enter the respiratory tract.

Earlier in January it became known that the residents of Poletayevo was taken from the custody of three nieces, one with cerebral palsy in critical condition. Lisa Kudryavtsev was placed in Kopeysk rehabilitation centre for persons with mental retardation in the village of Sochi. The Minister of social relations of Chelyabinsk region Irina Butorina said that the rehabilitation center is currently undergoing validation. In the work of the institution “defects”, but the girl is in satisfactory condition, and all necessary medical procedures were conducted, she said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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