Bay in the heart of the explosion of an experimental Russian engine shut down


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Schekinov Alexey Victorovich / Wikimedia

The Dvina Bay of the White sea, near which in August 2019, an explosion occurred at a military training ground in Nyonoksa was closed for free swim. This was reported on the website of the administration of seaports of the Western Arctic.

An explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region took place on 8 August. Then tested a liquid rocket propulsion system, the device caught fire. Killing two employees of the Russian Ministry of defence and five employees of “Rosatom”. After the incident on the website of Roshydromet, there was a message about exceeding of dose rate of gamma radiation in 4-16 times in the area of Severodvinsk. The experts noted that short-term excess of level of radiation did not pose a danger to local residents. Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that any threat of increasing background radiation no.

At the end of August it became known that two pontoons that were allegedly involved in the test liquid rocket propulsion, remained at the mouth of the river, Verkhovka on the sandy shore of the Dvina Bay of the White sea without a guard, fencing or warning signs. In the regional administration objects called potentially dangerous, but did not specify the degree of danger and causes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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