Dismembered journalist inventor married a Russian-born


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jenny Curpen page in Facebook

The Danish inventor Peter Madsen, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, sexual abuse and dismemberment of the Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, married the Russian-born Jenny Curpen (Jenny Curpen). This was reported on the page of the girl in Facebook.

“My husband committed a horrible crime and he is punished for it. However, knowing him truly, I have the exclusive right to say that I was lucky to be with the most beautiful, smart, talented, loyal and sensitive man and a person,” she wrote. Information about marriage Curpen also confirmed to RIA Novosti.

Visit Madsen in Facebook also has information on how to contact him now through Jenny Curpen.

Kim Vallee went missing on 10 August 2017. She wanted to report on the development work of Madsen and went with him into the sea in a homemade submarine “Nautilus”. The next day the ship filed a distress signal. When rescuers found the boat, it was only Madsen. In October, the Danish police found the head and feet of the girl, Packed in plastic bags. They also lay heavy pieces of metal.

During the investigation, Madsen several times changed the indications and in the end admitted that the dismembered body of Valle and threw it in the water. But he calls the death an accident: a woman allegedly poisoned with carbon monoxide while he was up on the deck. However, the psychiatric experts considered the inventor of a pathological liar, a danger to others.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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